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Type :thesis
Subject :BF Psychology
Main Author :Sufriadi, Hendri
Title :Pengaruh keluarga dalam meningkatkan kecerdasan emosi dan pencapalan akademik dalam kalangan pelajar Madrasah di Aceh (IR)
Publisher :Fakulti Pembangunan Manusia
Year of Publication :2016
Notes :masters
Corporate Name :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Abstract : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
This study is aimed on identifying the influence of family in improving emotional intelligence and academic achievement. This study also looked at the effect of emotional intelligence on academic achievement among students at two Islamic High Schools of Subulussalam Municipality in Aceh, Indonesia. The method of survey used for this study was by sets as of sets of questionnaire. To analyze the data, the researcher used the SPSS 21 version to find out the descriptive and inferential analysis. A total of 236 students from two schools were selected to conduct this study. The study found that most of the students had a high level of emotional intelligence (m=3.77), though parenting styles of the families were at a moderate level (r=3.32). There was a significant relationship between parenting styles and emotional intelligence, which was at the value of r=0.324, p=0.000. The study found that there is no correlation between the education level of the parents and the socioeconomic level of the families with the emotional intelligence of students. From the five emotional intelligence construct, self-management is the only emotional intelligence construct that gave significant impact on the academic achievement with R2=0.048 and p=0.001. This means, the self-management construct affected 4.8% of the academic achievement. While, the emotional intelligence construct on self-consciousness, motivation, empathy and social skills, it did not show any improvement on academic achievement. Related to the influence of parental styles and emotional intelligence on academic achievement, it indicated that only emotional intelligence, gives impact to the academic achievement with R2=0.041 and p=0.002. This means, the emotional intelligence affected 4.1% of the academic achievement. Emotional intelligence was found to have correlation to the parenting styles, and it can influence academic achievement. Thus, researcher suggested that parents improve their parenting style for their children and the teachers in schools to improve the emotional intelligence of the students, especially in the aspect of self-management, so that to improve students academic achievement.
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