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Type :thesis
Subject :TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
Main Author :Syuhendri Syukur Murad
Title :The effect of conceptual change strategies towards fostering conceptual change in students understanding of mechanics (IR)
Publisher :Fakulti Sains dan Matematik
Year of Publication :2015
Notes :doctoral
Corporate Name :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Abstract : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
The purpose of this research is to identify the conceptual understanding and determine the effect of conceptual change strategies towards the conceptual understanding in mechanics among physics trainee teachers. This research used the quantitative approach and quasi-experimental research design involving six research questions and two hypotheses. The research sample consists of 73 Basic Physics 1 students enrolled in two different campuses of Sriwijaya University, Indonesia. The respondents were selected using the purposive sampling technique. Two research instruments namely:the Force Concept Inventory (FCI) (Indonesian version) and the Certainty of Response Index (CRI) were used in the research. Meanwhile, the three conceptual change strategies used were the Predict-Observe-Explain-Apply (POEA), Conceptual Change Texts (CCT), and the analogy technique. The pre-test and post-test which used data from the FCI were analyzed to determine the mean N-gain while the t-test and Mann-Whitney test were used to test the hypotheses. The results showed that mean scores of students? conceptual understanding for both campuses was 18.08%. Based on the CRI analysis, students? conceptions can be categorized into three types: correct concepts (13.24%), misconceptions (61.51%), and lack of knowledge (25.25%). The mean N-gain of the experimental and control groups were 58% and - 1.28%, respectively. There was a significant increase in students? conceptual understanding between the experimental and control groups for all the mechanics concepts and the six conceptual dimensions in mechanics being studied. In conclusion, all the chosen strategies had effectively improved the students? conceptual understanding and changed their misconceptions towards the correct one. The implication of this study is the conceptual change strategies can be used in the training of physics teachers.
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