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Type :monograph
Subject :L Education (General)
Main Author :Mohamad Yusof Abdul Raheem, Yeop Yunus Nek Kamal, Mujahid Ghouri Arsalan,
Title :A model of lecturers' power motivation, empowerment, perceived inequality, internal service quality and burnout to students satisfaction (IR)
Place of Production :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of Publication :2012
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Abstract :
Education is most fundamental need for nations now, today's developed and dominating nations in trade and commerce etc. were emphasize on education in past and now they are enjoying the ultimate result. Providing best education opportunities are investment by government which will produce the finest, skillful and knowledgeable human resource for their nation! economy. If individuals see the good education opportunities and chances then they are ready to invest their time and money to secure their future. Education bound teachers and students to balanced and enhance the social and economic perspective, which could be happen on international stage too. This study explores the relationship of student satisfaction with power motivation, empowerment, internal service quality, perceived inequality and burnout. This study also find empirically how burnout link with student satisfaction when it effect combine with other variables e.g. power motivation, empowerment, internal service quality and perceived inequality. In first result, it confirmed that burnout mediates the relationship between power motivation and students' In second test it's not fulfilled the requirement for mediation test on the medicate relationship of burnout on empowerment and students' satisfaction. In third test of medication of burnout over perceived inequality and students' satisfaction, it was established that burnout mediates the relationship between perceived inequality and students' satisfaction. In f011h test of mediation it found that requirement for mediation test on the relationship of burnout on internal service quality and students' satisfaction not fulfilled. First regression test shows the significance variation in burnout by power motivation, empowerment, perceived inequality and internal service quality. Second regression analysis illustrates the significance variation in students' satisfaction by the impact of power motivation, empowerment, perceived inequality, internal service quality and burnout. Satisfied students are promoter and re-presenter of universities. So burnout is the factor with power motivation and perceived inequality which hurts the student satisfaction level. So when university administration allows faculty members to implement their authority over others, they take care of burnout/ stress level of them, otherwise it returned with low students' satisfaction. Inequality feelings between faculty members increase the stress level in faculty members, which directed the students' satisfaction downwards. So administrators of public sector universities suppose to create balance between the responsibilities and workload for students and colleagues/ staff, employee treatment, colleague relationship, job timing to create win-win situation for students, university/ university administration and faculty members.
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