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Type :article
Subject :LB Theory and practice of education
ISSN :2289-3156
Main Author :- Winti Ananthia, A. Harun Charlotte, - Endah Silawati,
Title :Trilingual learning model through traditional games : an overview from an Indonesian kindergarten (IR)
Place of Production :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of Publication :2016
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Abstract :
This study proposes the application of trilingual learning model that employs Sundanese traditional playing as the learning strategy. This article is a part of a bigger ongoing research project investigating the establishment of trilingual learning model in kindergarten. It focuses on the development of lesson plans for the application of the teaching and learning using three languages, namely; Sundanese, Indonesian and English. Qualitative method is employed as the research method. The subjects of the study are three teachers who are fresh graduates from Study Program of Early Childhood Education Teacher (henceforth, PGPAUD) Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Kampus Cibiru. Those teachers are asked to apply this learning model to Kindergarten children in one of Indonesian kindergarten in Bandung. The result of the study suggests that there are three stages in trilingual lesson plan development. The stages are: 1) determining indicators of developmental aspects based on 2013 Indonesian Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum, 2) modifying Sundanese traditional playing to be applicable for kindergarten children and designing the applicability of those playing to be implemented in trilingual, 3) designing trilingual learning media and 4) designing the assessment process to observe children’s developmental aspects.


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