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Type :article
Subject :GE Environmental Sciences
ISSN :1985-496X
Main Author :Ithnin Hamirdin,
Title :Challenges of maximising river sand exploitation in Selangor, Malaysia (IR)
Place of Production :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of Publication :2016
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Abstract :
River sand is a resource that generates income and Malaysia is abundantly endowed with it. The state of Selangor, Malaysia has many rivers and sand exploitation sites are mostly found in these rivers. An important aspect which is given great attention is the potential of the contribution to the state coffer that can be garnered from it. As Malaysia develops, the growth of the building and construction industry expand, and demand for river sand as a construction material increases. In most drainage systems in Malaysia, this resource is ubiquitous. Due to its abundance and easily-exploitable nature, this resource is often unscrupulously exploited in a way which is not to the benefit of the state government as well as to the people in general. This study analyzes the challenges faced by the industry in light of the fast paced development that is taking place in Malaysia and also the regional development in neighboring countries that also affects the health of this industry. The methodology used in this study is based on field observation of river sand excavation and exploitation as well as participant-observation of the transportation and carting away of the resource. The findings of this study points to the porous netting of the coffer of the state of Selangor with regard to benefitting monetarily from the exploitation of this resource.


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