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Type :article
Subject :GN Anthropology
ISSN :2222-6990
Main Author :Hussain Chin Lena Farida, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kipli,
Title :Berasik healing ritual performance: illness etiology perspectives amongst Bajau sama natives practices (IR)
Place of Production :HRMARS
Year of Publication :2017
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Full Text :
Sabah is one of Malaysia state that rich in ethnic diversity, art and culture. This diversity varies in uniqueness in the practices and beliefs that are shared among the people during the period of origin. Starting from the history of animistic appeal until the evolution of religious consent, most Malaysians practice different beliefs and remedies based on the inheritance of their ancestors. Since then, various customs that are practiced by hereditary that affect the things in daily life has been born. The customs and inheritance that is practiced influence in all aspects of social life that are fixed to the values of beliefs held. One of them is the healing belief that is practiced by the Bajau Sama native in the hinterland of Sabah. Practice in each area is different and has a unique tradition. Few examples of healing belief that is embodied and practiced by the people of Sabah are ngalai, kok ta'un, igal, melabuh ajung and etcetera. Practices in each locality and tribe are different and have a unique sense of tradition. Therefore, this study will focus on a ceremony of healing ritual known as berasik among the Bajau Sama tribe in Kampung Beliajung, Kota Marudu located on the West Coast (North) of Sabah. The berasik is a form of special performances practiced only by the Beliajung villagers. In fact, it is a healing practice that couples several elements of performances such as role play, music and ngalai. This study was conducted by ethnographic method intend to understand the discourse of healing presentations among the community in order to understand the culture practiced. This study will also exemplify the practices and beliefs associated with the etiology of sedated diseases in order to preserve and uplifiting the heritage as a world intangible heritage gazette.

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