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Type :article
Subject :H Social Sciences (General)
ISSN :2222-6990
Main Author :Kee, Pau
Additional Authors :Ahmad Jazimin Jusoh
Asma Perveen
Hapsah Md Yusof
Hsin-Ya Tang
Title :The Malay version of CCAPS-62: a preliminary investigation of translation, validity, and reliability (IR)
Place of Production :HRMARS
Year of Publication :2017
PDF Full Text :The author has requested the full text of this item to be restricted.

Abstract :
Mental health problems become a pervasive yet under-detected and undertreated growing issues among Malaysian university students. Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (CCAPS) is an instrument that has been widely used in all universities and colleges in the United States, but it has not been practiced in Malaysia. The purpose of this preliminary study was to translate, culturally adapt, and validate the CCAPS into the Malay language and make it applicable as a screening tool for addressing mental health issues among university students. The translation and back-translation were used. A total sample of 252 university students from a public university was participated in this study. Results from exploratory factor analysis supported the original version of CCAPS-62, which was an eight-factor model. Findings provided preliminary evidence for adequate internal consistency with Cronbach's Alpha 0.946. Content validity was obtained from two experts and they endorsed the quality of the items with 0.97 content validity index. Implications are discussed to provide further information regarding the mental health issues and the CCAPS-62 Malay version as a screening tool for university counseling centers to address students’ mental health symptoms.


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