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Type :article
Subject :LB2300 Higher Education
Main Author :Balamuralithara Balakrishnan
Additional Authors :Yaw, Long Chua
Title :An effective self-directed personalized learning environment for engineering students during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Place of Production :Tanjong Malim
Publisher :Fakulti Seni, Komputeran dan Industri Kreatif
Year of Publication :2020
Corporate Name :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Abstract : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
This study has brought a new dimension in engineering education where the researchers investigated the motivation of engineering undergraduates in using a specifically developed self-directed personalized learning environment utilizing WhatsApp application to overcome the issues that hamper the teaching and learning process during the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings showed that the respondents responded positively towards the intrinsic motivation and self-determination while the respondents responded negatively on assessment anxiety and grade motivation. The findings revealed that the developed platform need to be improved in order to bring forward as anal ternative teaching and learning platform in future.  


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