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Type :article
Subject :LB2361 Curriculum
ISSN :2222-6990
Main Author :Ridzwan Che’Rus
Additional Authors :Noor Shaziela Mansor
Title :Issues and challenges in the digital training curriculum model for food processing program Diploma in Vocational College of Malaysia
Place of Production :Tanjong Malim
Publisher :Fakulti Teknikal dan Vokasional
Year of Publication :2021
Corporate Name :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Abstract : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Generic skills are important because the work today requires workers to be flexible, initiative, and able to solve different tasks. Employees not only do certain work as before, but they are generally more service-oriented, informative and social skills are becoming increasingly important. There are several issues and challenges in developing a model curriculum for the training of Food Processing Diploma in Vocational College Malaysia which is a factor in terms of theory and practical learning, communication, and overall weakness of ethical values. Keywords: Generic Skills, Theory and Practical Learning, Communication Skills and Weakness of Ethical Values.


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