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Type :thesis
Subject :L Education (General)
Main Author :Manyunu, Muhamatsakree
Title :Analisis perubahan kurikulum pendidikan Islam di sekolah agama rakyat di selatan Thailand Land (1961-2003) (IR)
Place of Production :Tanjong Malim
Publisher :Fakulti Pembangunan Manusia
Year of Publication :2008
Notes :doctoral
Corporate Name :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Abstract : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Islamic Private school of Southern Part of Thailand is resembling the continuous progress of education of Islam from the educational institute of Pondak tradition. The educational system of this Islamic private school is unique and different from others. Therefore, it is required the specific educational curriculum of Islam. The Educational Development Center of Region II-Yala has been a government organization which is responsible for creating and reforming the educational curriculum of Islam from time to time. It started from the fist step of registering of Islamic private school with the government until this present time, it consists of six curriculum which have been formed, implemented and reformed. They were Islamic Educational Curriculum 2504B [1961], Islamic Educational Curriculum 2513B [1970], Islamic Educational Curriculum 2523B [1980], Islamic Educational Curriculum 2535B [1992], Islamic Educational Curriculum 2540B [1997] and Islamic Educational Curriculum 2546B [2003]. This research employs qualitative approach. It was proceeded by using documentary analysis and interview. After the data obtained was analyzed, the findings show that all factors (law and educational planning, politic and security, regular educational system, social culture, socioeconomic) has influenced curriculum implementing and changing of Islamic educational curriculum. The reforming of curriculum was influenced by two factors roughly. The influential factors were both written as well as hidden in the related curriculum. However, from most of factors, law and educational planning are the main influential factors which are potential and influenced the educational curriculum changing of Islamic private school at Southern Part of Thailand. Social culture and regular educational system are the second factors which are great potential and influence this curriculum while politic and security are the third factors which are potential and influential. Where as, socioeconomic is the lest important and influential factor. The findings from this study are essential to implementing for the population in Southern Part of Thailand generally and for the Islamic education of Islamic private school particularly if it can be guides for the school and curriculum planning. This society itself must accept for the changing of curriculum implementing of Islamic education both in positive and negative changes. In the same time, the government and private section need cooperation to define the precise goal of Islamic private school and as well as the needs of society.
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