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Type :article
Subject :LB Theory and practice of education
ISSN :1394-7176
Main Author :Govindasamy Aruna, Zulkifli Che Zalina,
Title :A conceptual framework of English Oral Toolkit (EOT) with Intelligent Voice Recognition (IR)
Place of Production :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of Publication :2016
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Abstract :
This paper will discover about the development of English Oral Toolkit (EOT) with Intelligent Voice Recognition system. Moreover this paper will explain about the research methodology that include the development of this EOT toolkit for teaching and learning process, effectiveness of this toolkit on teaching and learning process, and the use of ICT in education on smart environments. Addie Model has been used to construct this toolkit which includes analysis requirements, design and development, Implementation and Evaluation phases. The objective of this research is to test the capability to develop an educational toolkit like English Oral Toolkit especially with the intelligent voice recognition for early age children.


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