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Type :article
Subject :Q Science (General)
ISSN :1573-4854
Main Author :Norhayati Hashim
Additional Authors :Zuhailimuna Muda
Illyas Md Isa
Noorshida Mohd Ali
Suriani Abu Bakar
Mohd Zobir Hussein
Title :The effect of ion exchange and co-precipitation methods on the intercalation of 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)propionic acid into layered zinc hydroxide nitrate (IR)
Place of Production :CrossMark
Year of Publication :2017
PDF Full Text :The author has requested the full text of this item to be restricted.

Abstract :
A new compound, namely zinc hydroxide nitrate-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)propionate (ZHN-MPP) nanocomposite, was prepared using the ion exchange and coprecipitation methods. The resulting nanocomposite was composed of the herbicide MPP sandwiched between ZHN inorganic layers. From PXRD results, the intercalation of MPP anions into the interlayer of ZHN was successful, leading to the expansion of the interlayer of ZHN at 26.9 and 26.1 Å with the ion exchange and co-precipitation methods respectively. The intercalation of layered material is confirmed by PXRD pattern. FTIR spectra for both nanocomposites revealed the presence of MPP in the interlayer of ZHN-MPP nanocomposites. Based on TGA/DTG analysis, the ZHN-MPP nanocomposite prepared by the ion exchange method was found to have greater thermal stability than the one synthesized by the co-precipitation method. The intercalation was also supported by ICP-OES and CHNO-S analysis, which confirmed the presence of C and Zn in the resultant nanocomposites. The surface analyses of both nanocomposites show mesoporous-type material characteristics. However, the co-precipitation method produced nanocomposite with a higher BET surface area compared to the ion exchange method. Overall, the intercalation process decreased the pore size of the nanocomposite compared to the pristine ZHN. The ion exchange method was proven to produce nanocomposite with higher crystallinity and higher thermal stability, whereas the co-precipitation method was proven to produce nanocomposite with a higher surface area compared to the ion exchange method. This work shows that the nanocomposite ZHNMPP can be synthesized using the ion exchange and coprecipitation methods for the formation of a new generation of agrochemicals.


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