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Type :thesis
Subject :M Music and Books on Music
Main Author :Mohd Fairuz Zamani
Title :Performing music by a living composer: understanding the musical inspirations of Razak Abdul Aziz in selected piano works
Place of Production :Tanjong Malim
Publisher :Fakulti Muzik dan Seni Persembahan
Year of Publication :2021
Corporate Name :Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Abstract : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Razak Abdul Aziz (1959 - ) has been inking down his music from the early 1980?s. Still writing new   works,  he  had  composed  music  for  various  medium  of  instrumentations  – giving special  attention to the piano either as  a soloist or a collaborator.  Although this composer  has  been   in  the  contemporary  music  scene  for  nearly  40  years,  scholarly writings  on  his   compositions  are  extremely  scarce.  His  works  were  only  actively performed  in  the  early   1990s  and  only  starting  to  regain  attention  in  the  recent  years, locally and abroad. This  practice-led research focuses on my take as a co-creator of the selected piano works of Razak Abdul  Aziz, viewing it using Rosenblatt?s three principles of  Transactional  Theory,  while  quoting   examples  of  inspirations  in  works  by  other composers to set the tone of the theoretical  frameworks of this dissertation. The research findings show that I, as the co-creator of these  chosen pieces, was able to document the journey of performing these works in an 80-minute recital  of solo and collaborative piano music  of  Razak  Abdul  Aziz,  with  prior  discussions  with  the   composer  and  intensive preparation  with  other  musicians  and  production  team.  The  finding   also  demonstrates how  the  inspirations  of  the  selected  works  are  being  translated   sufficiently  into  music notation,  without  being  too  technical  with  the  music  analysis.   Music  of  Razak  Abdul Aziz deserves more attention from both academics and performers, as this  composer is regarded as one of the earliest Malaysian contemporary music composers. It would be a  great  loss  to  the  nation  should  his  works  be  continually  neglected,  causing  them  to possibly fall into oblivion.  


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