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Year: 2014 (242 items)
1“Healing Garden” sebagai asas mereka bentuk landskap masa kini (IR)article
2“Isteri Sementara” perselisihan pendapat ulama mengenai Nikah Mut‘ah dalam mazhab Sunni dan Syiah (IR)article
3A computational approach to studying the evolution of streptococcal quorum sensing systems (IR)thesis
4A generalization of a Bezier-like curve (IR)article
5A review of the impact of PBL on pre-service teachers’ learning (IR)article
6A review on sustainability principles of building formulation of a theoretical framework (IR)article
7A selective copper(ii) electrode based on 2-acetylpyridine -(1r)-(-)-fenchone azine ligand and 2,6-diacetylpyridine -dj....(1id-(-}-fenchone diazine ligand (IR)thesis
8A study of new word-formation of Tamil language in Malaysia (IR)thesis
9Aktiviti lakonan murid bagi pemupukan nilai murni dan perpaduan kaum: analisis di Pekan, Pahang (IR)article
10Alkaloids isolated from the bark of Alseodaphne Peduncularis (Wall.Ex Nees) MEISN and the roots of Alseodaphne Corneri Kosterm (IR)thesis
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