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Year: 2012 (97 items)
11Cabaran penerapan nilai Matematik dalam pengajaran Matematik sekolah menengah (IR)article
12Chemical Constituent from Alstonia Spathulata BL. (Apocynaceae) (IR)conference_item
13Ciri-Ciri Fiziko-Kimia Tanih di Lembangan Sg. Bernam- Guna Tanah Pertanian (IR)conference_item
14Cognitive integration of Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) in transforming the ideal teachers (IR)article
15Communication in families of children with intellectual disability (IR)article
16Content is king: Malaysian industry experts’ point of view on local content for mobile phones (IR)article
17Development of virtual Herbarium in higher plants (IR)monograph
18Dispersion of the bagworms Pteroma pendula and Metisa plana in oil palm (IR)article
19Education administrators' professional standards : the Malaysian perspective (IR)article
20Effects of determinants for computer use among teachers in Malaysia (IR)article
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