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1A comparison on classical-hybrid conjugate gradient method under exact line searcharticle
2A hybrid logistic regression model with a bootstrap approach to improve the accuracy of the performance of jellyfish collagen dataarticle
3A new xanthone dimer and cytotoxicity from the stem bark of Calophyllum canum article
4A Novel Method For Secure Finger Vein Biometric during User Authentication Process Based On Blockchain-PSO-AES Techniquesthesis
5A review study on synthesis methods of agnanoparticles, considering antibacterial property and cytotoxicityarticle
6A review: antimicrobial activity and toxicity analysis of the peel of banana, pomegranate, papaya, and citrus fruits (lemon and orange)article
7Absorption characteristics of napa soil as congo red dye adsorbent in solution with continuous system article
8Adjustment and application of the band gap of nano titanium dioxide: its usefulness on photo degradation of wastewater (phenol)article
9Age group differences in political activism in Malaysiaarticle
10Alkyl glycol chitosan derivatives for encapsulation and controlled release of rotenonearticle
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