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Subject: LB Theory and practice of education (1127 items)
11A case study on the implementation of character education at Kuttab Al-Fatih, Depokthesis
12A comparative study of public preschool management in Perak and Yogyakartathesis
13A conceptual framework of English Oral Toolkit (EOT) with Intelligent Voice Recognition (IR)article
14A decision matrix for optimize the ability of software engineering studentsthesis
15A factor analysis of students’ attitudes towards statistics in higher learning institution Malaysia (IR)article
16A framework of mobile educational application for early reading among kindergarten children (IR)thesis
17A measurement model of independent learning based on connectivism theory and web 2.0: partial least squares-structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) approach (IR)article
18A novel module for cultivate unity and harmony in multicultural society through arts education (IR)article
19A phenomenological study of university reading: the struggling EFL readers perspective (IR)thesis
20A review of research on pre-service teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge for teaching English language (IR)article
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