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Subject: H Social Sciences (General) (157 items)
121Social science literacy among form four students in Malaysian secondary schools (IR)article
122Social support moderating effect between work-family conflict and working students health and stress in UPSIarticle
123Socially productive activities and subjective wellbeing among rural Perak elderly (IR)article
124Sosialisasi dalam kalangan pelajar antarabangsa di Universiti Pendidlkan Sultan Idris (IR)thesis
125Structured literature reviews (SLR) of Urban farming for improving economic status of urban residents article
126Supervised and unsupervised learning in data mining for employment prediction of fresh graduate students (IR)article
127Survey data of internet skills, internet attitudes, computer self-efficacy, and digital citizenship among students in Indonesia article
128Tahap keyakinan diri dalam kalangan pelajar sarjana muda pendidikan di Universiti Utara Malaysia (IR)article
129Tahap salah laku disiplin pelajar sekolah-sekolah negeri Kedah (IR)article
130Technical efficiency of development financial institutions in Malaysia article
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